Research study «Historical account of Pasaje Begoña»

On 5 April 2019, the conclusions of the very important research work carried out for 15 months by the professors of the Pablo de Olavide University belonging to the Ibero- American Laboratory for the Socio-Historical Study of Sexualities of the Pablo de Olavide University were presented.

The event took place at the headquarters of the National Organisation for the Blind in Malaga (Spain).

Image of the cover of the Research Study on the Historical Narrative of the Begoña Passage.

You can click here to download a sample of the historical account. The full document can be requested from the Pasaje Begoña Association by clicking here. It may only be used for non-profit purposes.

The research made it possible to compile extremely important data from the Provincial Historical Archives of Malaga, Seville and Granada, the Municipal Historical Archive of Malaga, the press of the time, and various newspaper and film libraries. More than 70 testimonies were collected from people who lived through that period. We also had the support of prestigious historians, different administrations, various LGTBI memorialist associations, the Torremolinos Chic initiative and many private individuals who, with their testimonies and contributions, and in an interested way, have collaborated with us.

Some of the documents found by the Pasaje Begoña Association were of great historical importance and were exhibited in the Provincial Historical Archive of Malaga, the Museum of Andalusian Autonomy and the Andalusian Studies Centre.